Transfers from Rhodes Diagoras Airport to Pefkos

Here's our selection of the best ways to book a transfer from Rhodes Diagoras Airport to Pefkos

Airport Transfer Options

If you aren't on a package holiday, you will probably need to book a transfer from Rhodes Diagoras Airport to Pefkos. Many people on package holidays also find it easier to book a private transfer. With some tour operators you can wait at the airport for 45 minutes whilst they consolidate passengers; then if the coach calls at several resorts this may add to journey time.

If you are booked on a tour operator free tranfer, but choose to travel to Pefkos by a different means, you MUST tell the tour company - otherwise the tour operator coach full of angry people will be delayed.
Impress Airport Transfers

Impress Transfers

Impress are our first choice recommendation based on the number of people who give good feedback. They are a family run business and have been operating on Rhodes for over 30 years. Go to Impress Website



So many people have mentioned to us how good these guys are. They're based on the Main Beach Road, near Cavos Pefkos and Jewels and Jewels. Most people we know used them instead of their tour operator transfer and they said it was really worth it. Go to the GetRedy2Go website.

Hoppa also operate in Rhodes. We've put a handy Hoppa widget further down the page.

Whilst a taxi can be a good bet, a pre-booked airport transfer with Impress, GetRedy2Go or Hoppa gives you peace of mind. Impress and GetRedy2Go both have offices in Pefkos; Impress is on the main strip near the Irish Bar. GetRedy2Go is on the Main Beach Road.

For a good price you can hire a car at the Airport and drop it off in Pefkos. Auto Rhodes are good for this, their office on the Main Beach Road, Pefkos. Check out their website for a quote.

A popular low cost option is to book a shared mini-bus transfer. Local companies such as Impress and GetRedy2Go do a really good job at this.

Just a quick plea.... if you use a tranfer service instead of your tour operator's transfer, make sure you tell your tour company in advance. Otherwise you'll face the wrath of the people in your hotel who were delayed on the transfer bus waiting for you!
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