Pefkos Weather

The Weather and Climate of Pefkos

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Pefkos, Rhodes WEATHER

Pefkos Weather

Pefkos has a Mediterranean climate with very long and hot summers. The Temperature here is often 3 - 5 degrees hotter than the Rhodes Airport.

July and August are the hottest months with typical temperatures of 34℃, but occasionally much higher.

May is officially the start of summer with temperatures at 21℃ which will rise to 25℃ by early June.

There is almost certainly no rainfall over July and August and the evenings very warm, over 22℃ even at the coolest part of the night.

July and August have 12 hours of sunshine per day. Rhodes is popular in June, July and August because you can (almost) guarantee blues skies, heat and zero cloud cover.

You see the current weather for Pefkos at the top of the page. You can also see the BBC Weather in Rodos page.

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