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Pefkos Facebook and Twitter accounts, Websites, Snorkelling, Fish Species, Photo Gallery and more...

More Pefkos Information

We put all the stuff here that won't fit under other headings on our website. Pefkos Facebook pages, twitter accounts, websites, snorkelling, fish species, competitions, photo gallery and more.

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Social Media and Websites

There are same great Twitter accounts and Facebook groups/pages covering Pefkos, and also some really good websites. Click Here for our pick of the best.

A Guide to Snorkelling in Pefkos


Once the sea has been calm for a day or so it soon becomes really clear. All you need to get a great insight into the marine life here is a cheap snorkel and mask set (available in the shops here). We regard this as a 'must do' activity - really enjoyable. Find out more.

A Guide to the fish species of Pefkos

Fish Species

We put together a guide to some of the fish species which live here. Want to know which fish was used a halicinatory drug by the Romans? Which fish looks like a pencil, and which can be mitaken for a snake? click to find out more.....

Pefkos Pictures

Pefkos Photo Gallery

We share Pefkos photos taken by us and you. Submit yours or view the gallery here.



We run some competitions with prizes through the year. Prizes vary from Amazon vouchers through to local meals at a restaurant in Pefkos. More added....

Cats in Pefkos.

The Cats of Pefkos

Where-ever you go in Greece, you are likely to find an abundance of cats. In winter in some places, cats are seriously at risk due to lack of available food. Luckily for the cats in Pefkos, an excellent organisation called the Greek Cats Welfare Society exists and is fully supported by the local people and businesses. Find out more here and see how you can help. Coming Soon

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