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A high percentage of guests return to Pefkos every year. Many prefer to use the tour operators as some of the best hotels are exclusive with particular tour operators such as Tui.

You can easily put together your own package by organising a flight, transfer and room only and veteran travellers may chose to do this. Some of our visitors love to book a Villa.

However you choose to do things, these pages are here to help you book the best holiday and also easily sort out those essential extras such as airport parking and currency.

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Pefki Islands hotel pool area with peopl swimming and sunbathing around the edge. Click Here to go the package holidays page.

Package Holidays

We have the best accommodation and tour operators on our package holiday page. Operators include Thomson, Thomas Cook and Jet2. We have literally every great place to stay in Pefkos including Matina, Lindia Thalassa, Pefki Islands, Island Blue. Click Here to find a holiday in Pefkos.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Tui livery at Gatwick Airport. Click Here to go the flights page.


We have some great tools to help you find the best priced flights to Rhodes. Everything from Skyscanner to individual airline information on one handy page. Click here to search for flights to Rhodes.

Maria Apartments in Pefkos. Click here to visit the room only accomodation page

Room Only

Some people prefer to put their own holidays together, booking the accommodation seperately. We make this easier by listing all the best accommodation you can book outside a package. Click Here to search for room only accommodation.

Stone clad holiday villa with pool and grassed sunbathing area. Click here to visit the villa page


There are some truly amazing villas available here. Click here to see our selection of villas.

an airport carpark wih lots of parked cars. Click here for the page of booking airport parking deals.

Airport Parking

There's a huge range of price and options when it comes to airport parking. We explore the choices. Click here to find an airport parking deal.

Photo: © Benjamin Smith / Wikimedia Commons

Different values of Euro notes and coins. Click here for the currency page.


Pefkos is Greek, therefore the currency is the Euro. Here's more information on the options to convert Stirling to Euros for your holiday, and guidance on the more efficient and cheapest ways, plus what to avoid. Click here to find the best place to get Euros.

People trying to push a car stuck in the sand on Prasonissi Beach. Click for Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is essential for your holiday. We've put together a selection of the best value providers, plus those to look at if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Click here for travel insurance.

An Airport Transfer Coach

Airport Transfer

Pefkos is about an hour from Rhodes Diagoras Airport. If you've booked a package holiday, your transfer is usually included in the price. If however you are booking your flights and accommodation seperately you'll need to organise a transfer each way. We list the tranfer options here.

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