Pefkos Beaches

There are several different beaches to choose from

Beaches in Pefkos

There are several different beaches to choose from here.

The longest is Plakia Beach which stretches from Pefkos towards Lardos. I's much quiter than the main beach.

Lee Beach is also known as Main Beach. It gets very busy in Summer.

St Thomas Beach is a tiny but pretty beach where local fishermen moor their boats.

Kavos Beach is visible from Lee Beach, near the peninsular.

On the other side of the peninsular, near the Pink Floyd villa, you'll find Arkeftas Beach, which is rocky and quiet but beautiful.
Lee Beach AKA Main Beach

Lee Beach

Lee Beach is also known as Main Beach. This is the busiest beach in Pefkos. There are plenty of sun loungers, price is usually around 10 Euros for two loungers and a parasol. The beach slopes gently, so the water is shallow for a long way. For much of the time the sea is quite calm so ideal for children.

At the South West end of Lee Beach, close to Flyers Bar, you can find Pefkos Waterfun, where you can hire boats et c.

Accommodation close to Lee Beach includes Angela Studios, Matina and Lindia Thalassa Studios and Apartments.

The ruined City of Kamiros

St Thomas Beach

This is a small and fairly quiet strip of sand is where some of the locals keeps their boats. It's slightly more sheltered here on breezy days. It's near to Amfitri and is behind the air strip.

Stunning Views from Ancient Kamiros

Kavos Beach

Near Dapappa Restaurant, Kavos is a fairly small. It's a mix of sand and pebbles. Kavos is also known as a nudist beach, although most visitors remain clothed.

Accommodation fairly close to Kavos Beach includes Pefkos Village Resort and Eleni Apartments.

Kamiros city had three levels

Arkeftas Beach

Arkeftas Beach is really quiet, even in the height of summer. It's a rocky, beautiful and very peaceful bay.

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