Currency - How to get the Best Rate for your Pefkos Holiday

We discuss how to find the best foreign currency exchange rate for your Pefkos Holiday

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Rhodes is a Greek Island, and therefore the currency here is the Euro.

As with any currency, the rate between GB Pounds Stirling and the Euro fluctuates daily.

We've added these tools for your convenience.

Euro Converter

Euro Exchange Rate

Consider the best place in the UK to buy currency. This will definitely NOT be at the airport on the way out.

You have a few choices with regards to how you convert your GB Pounds to Euros:-

You could change all your money before you go. This is currently the best option, but be aware that your holiday insurance will only usually cover cash to a certain value. Airports are the most expensive place to exchange, so sort out currency before you travel. Banks, Supermarkets, and Post Offices are all fairly competitive, but check online well in advance, and make sure you consider any delivery fees when comparing rates.

If you're taking currency with you, the Post Office is a good choice - Click the Post Office banner below.

You can currently use Debit, Credit or Pre-paid cards to either pay for meals and goods directly, or to draw cash from the cash machines here (see above). Get this right and this is one of the cheapest ways. But make sure you know which cards to use, as getting it wrong and will also be the dearest way too!

Check out Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis's Cheap Travel Money page for the current best cards.

One of the best deals we found is the Halifax Clarity Card.

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