Monastery, Church of Our Lady, the Cross and more

Filerimos Monastery

Mount Filerimos towers above Trianda, Ixia Rhodes Town and the Diagoras Airport.

Since ancient times way before Christ the area at the top of the mountain has had huge spiritual significance, and many can feel the energy today.
The Church of Our Lady of Filerimos

The Church of Our Lady of Filerimos

The church is well known for originally housing the Icon of the Virgin of Filerimos, in the 13th Century.

An avenue of trees in Filerimos.

Interesting Trees and Avenues

The are lots of interesting trees and avenues. This one leads to magnificant views over the bay of Ixia.

Stunning Views of the area

View of Trianda

There are magnificent views of the bay of Ixia, Rhodes Town and the airport. This picture is looking out across Trianda.

Kamiros city had three levels

View Towards Rhodes Town

Turn to your right and you look along the Bay of Ixia towards Rhodes Town. As this is on the approach to the airport, you'll sometimes see aicraft below you approaching Diagoras Airport..

Site of the Temple of Athena

Ruins of the Temple of Athena and Zeus Polias

The ruins of the Temple of Athena and Zeus Polias are thought to date from the 2nd or 3rd Century BC.

Walled Fortress

View from the Top of the Cross

You can climb up inside the huge cross which towers above Mt Filerimos via a spiral staircase. This is the view back towards the monastery.

Site of the Temple of Athena

The Cross of Filerimos

The huge Cross of Filerimos can be seen for many miles towering above the landscape. There is a pathway of religious significance which leads from the monastery to the cross.

Walled Fortress

Icon of Filerimos Madonna

The original Icon of the Madonna was attributed to St Luke, and brought here by the Knights of St John in the 13th Century. The knights took the icon with them when they left in 1523. There is now a stunning copy permantly housed here, painted by Mrs Mina of Italy. The Icon in it's fabulous frame was presented to the monastery in the year 2000.

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