Greek Story Restaurant

A new and stylish restaurant in the 'amphitheatre'

Greek Story Restaurant

Greek Story is located in the 'amphitheatre' at the corner of the Main Beach Road and Main Street, in the space formerly occupied by Kouros.
Greek StoryGreek Story - new for 2019

Greek Story Restaurant

There's a good range of traditionally cooked Greek food on the menu here, Lamb Kleftico is particularly popular.

Brand new for 2019. Greek Story restaurant prides itself on traditionally cooked Greek food. The restaurant is a step up from the previous names that have occupied this site.

It's a peaceful, romantic open air setting, and there's also a small childrens play area.

The menu is good, with some well thought out Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

We're pleased to say this restaurant is much busier than those previously on this site, and it already has a growing reputation; lot's of people have returned for a second meal during their holiday, and many good things said on social media.

Check out the Greek Story Restaurant Website for more information.

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