Monolithos Castle

15th Century Castle with Amazing Views

Monolithos Castle

Just under an hour away from Pefkos on the West Coast of Rhodes is the Castle of Monolithos.

The Castle was built in 1480 by the Knights of St John - although it looks likely this was built on the site of a much older castle.

Even from a distance, this ruined castle has the 'wow' factor due to fact it's located an the height, narrow and steep column of rock.

It's well worth the climb in foot to the top to see the breathtaking views. Do take care on the steps though, as over time to many visitors feet have polished to stone steps,so make sure your shoes have a good grips - trainers are ideal.
Monolithos Castle seen from a distance

Monolithos Castle

The Castle sits on top of a 775 feet high rocky crag. There are two churches within the castle walls. Here you can see the Church of St Panteleimon

The castle of Monolithos was never defeated

Never Defeated

Due to the natural features of the rock and the design, this castle was never defeated.

Rock Balancing

Strange Piles of Rocks

When you visit, as you approach the base of the castle you can't fail to notice the piles of balanced rocks. For some reason, some-one started doing this, and each visitor felt compelled to balance yet more rocks.

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Polished Steps

It's a climb up lots of stone steps to top. Wear sensible footwear with good grips, as the steps have been worn smooth with the footsteps of thousands of visitors over the years.

Excellent for Photography

Photo Opportunities

There are some fantastic photo opportunities here. Whatever you do, don't forget your camera. If you are a keen photographer, definitely add Monolithos to your itinery.

Walled Fortress

Walled Fortress

The walls of this Venetian fortress are incridibly thick. It's hard to imagine how this was achieved in the 15th Century.

Very High

Sense of Height

If you don't like heights, this may not be for you; but it's worth it for the views. But whilst you can avoid looking down on the way up, it's impossible to avoid on the way down.

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Breathtaking Views

The views from the top are truly breathtaking. As well as a commanding view of the Aegean Sea, you can also see the mountain of Akramytis, the village of Monolithos, and the island of Halki.

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