Prasonisi Beach

Where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean

Prasonisi Beach

This is a very impressive sight, right at the Southern most part of the Island of Rhodes.

It's usually about an hour's drive from Pefkos.

Prasonisi Beach is where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediteranean Sea.

The weather conditions here in summer are perfect for Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing.
Where the two seas meet

Where the Seas Meet

A unique place where the Aegean Sea meets the Meditteranean Sea. In summer, the seas are seperated by a short and narrow strip of sand.

An avenue of trees in Filerimos.

Contrasting Conditions

On one side of the sand bar, the conditions are much less calm than the other. The weather is usually ideal for watersports

Stunning Views of the area


On the more sheltered side there is an abundance of wind surfers. The conditions here are perfect for windsurfing during the summer.

Kamiros city had three levels

Shallow Water

The shallow water is perfect for windsurfers. This is why it's polular

Site of the Temple of Athena

Sand Bars

The sand bars continue in the shallow water, often giving the impression of walking on water.

Walled Fortress

Lots of Kites

Because the conditions are perfect for kite surfing, you'll often find lots of Kite Surfers here, with kites of different sizes and colours.

Site of the Temple of Athena

Riding the Waves

The conditions make it perfect for extended kite surfing.

Walled Fortress

Speedy Surfing

The wind and shallow water make it easy to get up to a good speed.

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