Profitis Ilias

High on the hill above Pefkos is the Church of Profitis Ilias.

Thousands of years ago, before Christianity, there were many spiritual sites at the highest points throughout Greece, dedicated to the Greek God Helios - the Sun God.

After the spread of Christianity, some of these sites became churches. Many of the churches high on hills are dedicated the the Prophet Elijah (Elias).

It's thought that Profitis Ilias Church which overlooks Pefkos dates from the 12th Century AD.

Whatever your beliefs, if you climb up to Profitis Ilias you can't help but feel a sense of peace. It's easy to see why this spot was chosen.

This route is best walked early in the day before the heat of the sun, and take plenty of water with you. Our route map at the base of this page starts at the Taxi Rank.
13th Cenrury Monastary of the Prophet Elias


Head up the hill past Tsambikos Bakery. The entrance to the path up to the Church of the Prophet Elias is well sign posted at the highest point of the Pefkos to Lindos road, just before the hairpin bends leading down to Lindos.

Prophet Elias Mosaic

Prophet Elias

This mosaic near the entrance to the path up depicts Prophet Elias. Elias (or Elijah) is mentioned in several Old Testament books. He is often shown with a halo around his head. Pass through the gate near this mosaic to head upwards.

Stunning Views from Ancient profitisilias

The Base Carpark

There is a car park at the foot of the path if you're travelling by car. Take a look at the mosaic before heading through the arch and up the hill

profitisilias city had three levels

Beautiful Landscape

As you climb you'll be struck by the beauty of the Pefkos landscape.

Site of the Temple of Athena

The Steps to the Church

Luckily today there are well made steps with rails leading up. Imagine this journey before the steps!

Walled Fortress

Views of Pefkos Bay

You don't have to climb very far before you are struck by the views over Pefkos.

Site of the Temple of Athena

Views Towards Lindos

As you near the top you'll realise to can now see in several directions including towards Lindos.

Walled Fortress

Church of Profitis Ilias

The church itself is typically Greek in design, and is whitewashed.

Site of the Temple of Athena

Peaceful but Breezy

It's very peaceful but breezy up here!

Walled Fortress

Inside the Church

On the Thursday before Easter (Maundy Thursday)there is a procession at midnight to bring the Icons from church in Lindos to here.

Site of the Temple of Athena

Pause to Take in the View

It's a long way back down, so take your time and take in the views and take photo's.

Walled Fortress

The Front of the Church

A simple bell adorns the front of the church, which has been recently restored.

Site of the Temple of Athena

Rocky Landscape

Take a look at the rocky lanscape before heading back down the path.

Walled Fortress

The Way Down

When you climbed up you were facing into the hill, but on the way down as you're facing outwards, you'll continuously take in the views.

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