Rhodes Town

The Oldest Inhabited Medieval Town in Europe

Rhodes Old Town

Now with UNESCO World Heritage status, the walled Rhodes Old Town is full of more sights than can possibly be sampled in one day trip.

Many Pefkos visitors go there each year and explore something different.

Notable sights include:-
  • Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes
  • Mandraki Habour
  • Rhodes Archeological Museum
  • The City Walls and Moats
  • The Deer of Rhodes Harbour - Dama Dama

    Dama Dama

    One of the best restaurants in Pefkos is named after the two Fallow Feer (latin name Dama Dama) statues which guard the entrance to the harbour. In ancient times the collosus of Rhodes was a huge bronze staue over 100 feet tall, and allegedly straddled the harbour mouth.

    Historic Walls

    Shops, Restaurants and Historic Walls and Buildings

    The charm of the old town is the mix of people, shops and restaurants all surrounded by very old buildings, and towering fortifications dating from the time of the Knights.

    City Walls

    City Walls

    There are numerous staircases leading up to the City Walls. These are open only for specific times, but for a low cost you can book a fascinating guides tour of the walls.

    Moats of Rhodes Old Town

    The Moats of Rhodes Old Town

    The huge City Walls were protected by wide moats to prevent easy attack. These moats are now completely dry and have paths throughout.

    Fortified Walls

    Fortified Walls

    The Walls of Rhodes Old Town are fortified with numerous castelations and archery slits. There are 4 kilometres of fortified walls.

    Rhodes Town Marina

    Harbour and Marina

    There are several marinas here, and the customers range from small simple craft owners to multi million pounds luxury yaghts belonging to the rich and famous. Rhodes town is also a popular stop off for Meditereanean Cruises.

    Hospice of St. Catherine

    Ruins of the Hospice of St. Catherine

    The ruins of the 'Our Lady of the City' church and the gothic arches of the Hospice of St. Catherine. The church was built in 1390AD, but destroyed by seige in 1480.

    Three Dolphins Statue

    Four Dolphins Statue

    There's a curious statue of four dolphins on the waterfront ona rocky outcrop. If you know more details about it please contact us.

    Hospice of St. Catherine

    City Walls and Grand Master of Knights

    The Grand Master of Knights is a Medieval Castle built within the city wals of Rhodes Old Town. Originally built in the 7th Century AD, it was converted to the Palace of the Grand Master in 1309 by the Knights Hospitaller.

    Three Dolphins Statue

    Windmills of Mandraki Harbour

    In this picture their seen through a window portal in the fortified city walls. The medieval windmills once produced floor from grain ships unloading here.

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